About BoKloster VillaHotell.

Hotel or home?
At BoKloster VillaHotell you will have the advantages of a hotel and of course your privacy. But you will also have a combination of hotel and home atmosphere. 

Why BoKloster VillaHotell?
The property used to be a catholic monastery. The catholic parish held their services in the spectacular chapel building several times a week. According to this history it was natural to choose the name BoKloster VillaHotell, roughly translated "living in monastery".

Living in a monastery... 
Living in a monastery is no longer what it's about. The simple ways of the nuns had to make way for a newly renovated, decorated and designed atmosphere.

Single room or apartment? 
BoKloster VillaHotell has 30 rooms. We can offer you everything from a smaller single room to a four room apartment for 5-6 persons.